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Real-World Insight: 19 Disruptive Trends From COVID-19
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I spent the first week of March in New York City at Adweek’s Challenger Brands summit, held right across the street from the World Trade Center. Before I left, my wife encouraged me not to go. The novel coronavirus had landed in the US by then, and the news was growing more alarming. But there were very few cases in New York at the time, and still a lot of misconceptions about its severity and how it spread, so I went.

As I watched commuters exit the Cortlandt Station at the World Trade Center, I couldn’t help but think how difficult controlling the spread of the coronavirus would be if it took off in New York.


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So here we are, 60 days later, in a different world. The COVID-19 pandemic has peaked, and states are beginning to execute measured plans to open up. But things will be different. What will our new normal be? In an effort to develop strategies for CLM and our clients, I began researching major shifts and trends that will follow in the COVID-19 wake. What I found was incredibly thought-provoking, and we’ve offered up the insights to many of our clients and alliances. Now, we’re sharing this list of 19 disruptive trends post COVID-19 with you, too.

“Disruption” is a big buzz word in business, especially in the Silicon Valley start-up realm. Well, the coronavirus is the biggest disruptor in our history. How can we turn this disruption into opportunity and advantage? We’ll help you identify the trends of the future, and connect the dots.



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