Pioneer: We Go There

Guiding an established credit union to a new brand vision.

Pioneer Federal Credit Union brought CLM on board in late 2017 to help evolve their brand, marketing, and potential reach.

First, we got the lay of the land. We spent significant time gaining insight from their internal team, customers, and competitors. Think: Surveys. Focus groups. Input sessions. A brand and marketing audit. Portfolio and audience alignment exercises. Even competitive shopping and review.

Leaving no stone unturned, this on-the-ground info gathering helped us sketch out a detailed map into uncharted territory. Collaboratively with our client, we developed a strategy to deliver results for products, services, and even community initiatives. We set objectives and defined success metrics for reality checks on the road ahead.

Then, our creative team ran with it. We developed a new brand evolution journey that included updates to Pioneer’s identity, positioning, style, and tone.

In TV spots, on billboards, and everywhere else Pioneer went, one trailblazing phrase propelled everything: We Go There.

Scraping the old brand book and starting from scratch, we collaborated with the client to nail down the look, feel, and voice of the new Pioneer brand. The new brand guidelines helped show everyone how to go places with Pioneer—with perspective, consistency, and a clear point of view.

With the new brand running throughout all internal and external marketing, Pioneer has seen significant improvements to key metrics, and has begun challenging the competition.

Reaching new destinations? That’s how we’re pioneering the way.