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Driving Forces

Client: Commercial Tire

Fueled by: Strategy, Research, Media, Branding, Creative Campaign

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Short and sweet, “take care” means a lot. That’s why it’s at the heart of Commercial Tire’s original family-focused attitude and legacy message: “Let our family take care of your family.” Over the past few years, CLM and Commercial Tire worked together on a new retail strategy that pivoted from heavy one-off promotions to a long-term service and branding approach.

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Deep-diving into competitive market and customer data, we developed new audience personas and digitally-focused media plans geared to reach targeted prospects, like on-the-go moms and everyday guys who use their rides to both work and play. Fueled by this input, the right-brained side of CLM carved out the core brand legacy message of Take Care to create a standout campaign using stop-motion animation.

Stop-motion wonderland making

Highlighting a range of car care tips alongside the ways Commercial Tire helps out season after season, the new Take Care campaign is an eye-catching, storytelling approach that jumps off the screen (or billboard). To really stand-out in the look-alike tire category, we constructed dreamlike landscapes of the American West using stop motion paper animation. Complete with paper-built block letters to make up headlines.

Brand Building

A creative campaign, a marketing concept which runs for a year or two, differs from a brand identity, which is more overarching and goes the distance. Tandem to our creative campaign, we also developed an overall brand infrastructure that better aligned with the new target audiences. With a new font, new friendly colors, new photo treatments, a new voice, and a whole new perspective in general, we developed a brand book to keep everyone inspired and on the same page.

Icon Making

We even created an icon library to make it easier to browse through products and services.

Imagination unfolding

In social-focused videos and digital ads, short-and-sweet messages drive home the idea that Commercial Tire helps you take care out there (no matter what pops up). Featuring racoons, the Sasquatch, a snowball-tossing snowman army, a bit of humor, and anything the imagination unfolds, the ads draw people in, animatedly.


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What unfolded with this campaign? Traffic and sales. After launching in spring of 2019, Commercial Tire has seen double and triple growth in key performance metrics including web traffic, tire finder visits, calls, quotes, and car counts. Making paper money from straight-up paper? That’s how we roll.

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