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Driving Forces

Client: Commercial Tire

Fueled by: Strategy, Research, Media, Branding, Creative Campaign

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After rolling out of an award-winning campaign, featuring our stop-motion animated video spots to highlight their attentive service, Commercial Tire significantly changed the way they did business by transitioning into a 100% employee-owned company.

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Commercial Tire values personal service that makes you feel part of the family. That’s why the root of their company is “Let our family take care of your family”. Where their employee-owned business puts customers first to ensure safety and satisfaction, every time.

After all, when you own something, you take care of it.

Brand Building

A creative campaign, a marketing concept which runs for a year or two, differs from a brand identity, which is more overarching and goes the distance. Tandem to our creative campaign, we also developed an overall brand infrastructure that better aligned with the new target audiences. With a new font, new friendly colors, new photo treatments, a new voice, and a whole new perspective in general, we developed a brand book to keep everyone inspired and on the same page.

Icon Making

We even created an icon library to make it easier to browse through products and services.

Imagination unfolding

In social-focused videos and digital ads, short-and-sweet messages drive home the idea that Commercial Tire helps you take care out there (no matter what pops up).

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What unfolded with this campaign? Traffic and sales. After launching in spring of 2019, Commercial Tire has seen double and triple growth in key performance metrics including web traffic, tire finder visits, calls, quotes, and car counts. Making paper money from straight-up paper? That’s how we roll.

Brand Review

It’s never a bad idea to get an outside perspective on your brand. Show us your brand today, and we’ll offer insight on how to boost its power and get results. Your first-time Brand Review is no charge.

How’s your brand doing?

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