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Get It At D&B

Client: D&B Supply

Fueled by: Media, Creative, Strategy

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Since 1959, D&B Supply has expanded across Idaho and Oregon to provide ranchers, farmers, and homeowners, with everything they need to thrive and grow on their little piece of the West.

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CLM concepted a campaign that brought awareness of D&B’s product lines beyond the rancher/farmer and to the homeowner, suburbanite, and DIYer. Utilizing seasonally scheduled materials in a variety of media, we showcased D&B’s vast range of product categories and informed this wider audience that they can “Get It At D&B”.

Digital Web Banners

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Capturing the products’ and customers’ journey from the store to the home illustrates the concept that D&B’s products add to experiences/relationships with loved ones no matter if you have large farm acreage or a small neighborhood home.

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