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Making Media Work Smarter:
Idaho Lottery


For the past three years, CLM has been the media services provider for the Idaho Lottery, implementing a media strategy designed to get more people to play. The Idaho Lottery relies heavily on promotional advertising to drive game awareness and lottery sales. One question we constantly consider is how the Lottery can increase interest and sales without increasing their media spending.



Mega Millions is a major multi-state draw style lottery game. Unlike many other ongoing games, the interest in Mega Millions ebbs and flows based on the size of the prize. When the jackpot is large, sales are high; when the prize is smaller (yet still large—under $100 million), sales are typically lower. Our objective was to create a media strategy that could increase sales of Mega Millions tickets on a typically low purchase day (Monday) without over-advertising.



Our solution to this classic marketing problem was to leverage a timely promotion using timely message delivery. To do so, we implemented a new message trafficking process.

On “Mega Mondays,” $5 Mega Millions ticket purchasers are entered into a raffle for a $1,000 weekly prize in addition to the larger prize opportunity. So for 24 hours—Sunday evening through Monday evening—we swapped out regular promotional window messaging for a “Mega Mondays” promotion. This created purchasing urgency, and used the Idaho Lottery’s media placement for multiple, concurrent promotions. For example, we ran a 15-second game awareness television spot back-to-back with the 15-second Mega Mondays spot, preserving the 30-second ad spot purchase.

CLM continues to implement a comprehensive, adaptable media strategy for Idaho Lottery. The multi-platform Mega Mondays promotion, which uses digital outdoor, display banner ads, television, and radio spots, is one example of our breadth of media experience.


As of January 2016, we now also provide strategic direction to the Idaho Lottery. We look forward to using our expertise and research capabilities to gain insight into their customers and determine how to increase sales overall. Stay tuned for more case studies to come!