A Glimpse of 2023 & What’s To Come in 2024

As we start the new year, it’s a time of reflection and celebration for CLM. 2023 was a year marked by transformation, memorable highlights, and noteworthy anniversaries. Here are some of the most notable moments of the year for CLM and our work with clients.   Our journey with clients saw many milestones. Some of […]

Firebrands to Fireballs

CLM happy holidays

This past year, we rebranded our company in an effort to capture the essence of who we are. We thought that a great finale for a great year was to live our brand in a literal fashion. We used fire to create not only art but to fuse different ingredients together to make an entirely […]

Flying High by Winning at The Rockies

The Rockies—Idaho’s annual advertising awards ceremony—always make you want to crank up that DJ Khaled song. “All I do is win, win, win.” (Repeat “win” 8 times, in CLM’s case.) Put your hands in the air, and call us the jet set. This year, we were flying high at a 1960’s airline travel-themed party pulled […]

The Word Around the CLM Watercooler

Aw, mid-March – that special time of year when Q1 deliverables race to the finish line. Here’s a watercooler view on some of the latest and greatest news within 588 West Idaho. First off, thanks again to all of you who attended our Dog Eat Hog challenger event on Feb 22nd at Beside Bardenay. As […]

Going Hog Wild in Event Branding

Branding an event—like CLM did recently with our first speaker in a series on challenger companies—means putting a distinctive stamp on every aspect of a real-life experience. Weaving consistency and excitement into each detail along the way turned out to be quite an experience in itself. We started with the name, Dog Eat Hog. It’s […]

Reflecting on Client Wins in 2018

As we start 2019, we reflect on 2018. It was jammed packed full of client activity that helped our clients, staff and company grow. 2018 kicked off with Brad buying back the company from the Ivie family. Our time with Ivie was good in providing new experiences and perspectives, but we are thankful for Brad’s […]

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