Real-World Insight: 19 Disruptive Trends From COVID-19

19 coronavirus trends

I spent the first week of March in New York City at Adweek’s Challenger Brands summit, held right across the street from the World Trade Center. Before I left, my wife encouraged me not to go. The novel coronavirus had landed in the US by then, and the news was growing more alarming. But there […]

March Madness: Media Trends During the Pandemic

COVID-19 using facebook

The pandemic is sparking significant change in more ways than one. At CLM, we’ve been closely monitoring trends in the media landscape, and what they mean for our clients. Viewership and activity across mediums—from network TV to streaming to social media—spiked significantly in March. In our currently self-isolated world, this demonstrates the human need to […]

4 Necessary Elements of Content Marketing

When we think of digital marketing, there are numerous tactics, strategies, and applications that businesses of all sizes can employ to become more successful. The bare minimum digital marketing actions include having a website or a Facebook page. But since the digital industry has evolved, the bare minimum is no longer a viable way for […]

Is Traditional Media Dead?

In advertising there are several mediums to reach an intended audience; now more than ever. As technology has evolved, so has the way we consume media. The days where the only options to reach the masses were through print or broadcast are long gone. Even though print and broadcast are tools of the past, they […]

Retrospective Design: Great, or Gimmicky?

Original Designs “Everything old is new again” is a mantra I relate to, but I’ve been recently asking myself why. According to the 2018 / 2019 graphic design trend reports, I’m not alone. “Analog everything” now has a place in current culture—vinyl LPs, heritage sneakers, paper and pencils, and of course beards and mustaches. Phrases […]

Digital Marketing in 2019

Entering a new year is always exciting. There must be something about new beginnings, resolutions, and a renewed sense of doing things that brings out the best in us. Speaking of new beginnings, a change in the year can also be a great opportunity to analyze how well different marketing tactics are performing. It can […]

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