Jill Moore

Strategy Director

Jill drives everyone to step back and embrace the big picture. Leading client plans, she approaches every task with a commitment to customer success and continuous improvement. With a degree in Advertising from the University of Idaho, Jill began her career at a marketing automation software startup advancing from an Account Coordinator to the Director of Customer Operations within five years. Through this experience Jill worked with a wide range of customers, including industry leaders Geico, Ace Hardware, and Pearle Vision, giving her unique perspectives on crafting multilayered business and marketing plans with national and local reach. Since joining CLM in 2017, Jill has worked in client-facing roles and has been a driving force behind the development and execution of plans for clients including Commercial Tire, Simplot, Pioneer Federal Credit Union, Atlas Resell Management, and Truckstop.com. In 2023, Jill became a Business Made Simple certified coach to offer business coaching tailored to simplify the complexities many businesses face in their marketing and messaging approaches.

A little bit about me:

Secret nobody knows about me: I wrote and am publishing a children’s book.

Food I’d bring to a deserted island: Steak and potatoes

Favorite part of my job: Building relationships with lots of different kinds of people. Helping companies and people grow and meet their goals.

Our Team

We’re a collection of diverse individuals with one common goal: to create memorable, lasting, and impactful results.

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