Morgan Lord

Senior Account Manager

Morgan is dedicated to ensuring clients not only succeed but also enjoy the process every step of the way. With a genuine love for creating efficient processes and a knack for navigating through intricate spreadsheets, Morgan brings a wealth of experience to CLM as a Senior Account Manager. Her diverse background encompasses account management, media, and project management on both the agency and client side. Graduating from the University of Idaho with a BS in Business, Marketing, and a minor in Economics, Morgan’s expertise in media, research, and project management, coupled with experience in creative, production, and website projects, equips her with valuable insights and foresight. Driven by personal connections, Morgan serves as the ideal conduit between the agency and clients, utilizing her skills to formulate effective strategies and tactics.

A little bit about me:

Things that make me happy: My family and pets are number one – I love being a mom to my two girls, even when it’s exhausting. I also love good food and drinks, concerts, and anything on BravoTV.

Superpower I wish I had: Energy booster so I can keep up with my kids when I don’t get enough sleep.

Secret about me nobody knows: I used to want to be a marine biologist until I realized I would have to smell fish ALL the time.

Our Team

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