Julie Pegan

Graphic Designer

Julie infuses brands with captivating designs and illustrations. With a lifelong background in art and a passion for creating in her blood, Julie takes abstract concepts and transforms them into visual realities. With pens, pencils, a digital pad, and a boundless imagination, Julie has been instrumental in bringing some of our biggest projects to life including the Western Idaho Fair, The Idaho Lottery, and Southwest District Health. Holding degrees in Fine Art and Graphic Design from Boise State University, Julie’s resume is a testament to her artistic adventures, featuring multiple gallery shows to a legacy piece on permanent display in Boise’s Freak Alley. With every project, Julie brings a burst of color and aesthetic to everything she touches.

A little bit about me:

Food I’d bring to a deserted island: My friend Layne’s butternut squash soup (That means Layne has to come with me to this island so I’m not alone. LOOP HOLE!!!).

Pets: One grumpy little cat named Oz. She is missing her two upper canine teeth so her lips get hung up on her lower teeth sometimes resulting in what we have named her Snagglepuss grin (imagine what most bulldogs look like and that’s basically the visual).

Superpower I wish I had: I would definitely want Wolverine’s healing ability.

Our Team

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