Holly Escobar

Sr. Media Buyer

Holly Escobar is a seasoned Traditional Media Buyer with over 20 years of experience shaping media strategies for diverse industries including healthcare, financial, education, and retail. Known for her strong media relationships, Holly consistently secures the best values for her clients, leveraging her extensive network of relationship and collaborative skills to enhance campaign effectiveness. She excels in a results-oriented environment where strategic media buying is central to marketing success. Holly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the College of Idaho. When she isn’t negotiating media buys or plotting the next big media idea, Holly indulges her love for the outdoors, swinging her golf clubs, watching college football, or traveling the globe.

A little bit about me:

Things that make me happy: Spending time with family & friends, college football, sunshine, sandy beaches, and nice wine.

Food I’d bring to a deserted island: Teriyaki chicken, rice, and Hawaii Mac Salad.

Best part of my job: Developing and maintaining strong relationships with vendors to get the best media rates/packages/offers for the clients we represent.

Our Team

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