Brooke Smith

Senior Media Planner & Buyer

Brooke builds plans with efficiency and finesse. As a Media Planner & Buyer in advertising agencies since 2006 Brooke understands market dynamics and crafts plans that maximize advertising dollars. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Idaho, Brooke has consistently honed her skills in navigating the complexities of the advertising industry and the vast landscape of media outlets. Her unique talent lies in establishing and nurturing relationships with media outlets, ensuring that clients receive optimal placements and exposure for their campaigns. With a wealth of experience, Brooke’s primary focus is supporting our media team with her expertise in traditional mediums.

A little bit about me:

Hobbies: Writing, working out, brunch.

Food I’d bring to a deserted island: Gummy bears

Superpower I wish I had: Time travel

Our Team

We’re a collection of diverse individuals with one common goal: to create memorable, lasting, and impactful results.

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