Kate Laudenslager

Media & Events Specialist

Kate builds strong relationships to ensure brands stand out. After earning her degree in Business Administration and Management from Boise State University, she honed her expertise in digital media within the affiliate and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, collaborating with Fortune 500 clients such as Unilever, Kraft, and Johnson & Johnson. Bringing her proficiency in event planning, project management, and media, Kate joined CLM as our media and events specialist. Her strengths lie in effective communication, establishing and nurturing enduring relationships, and adept problem-solving, enabling her to discover new avenues for our clients to engage in community events and unique promotional opportunities. Beyond CLM, Kate passionately combines her skills with a commitment to social responsibility and animal rescue. She actively serves on the board of a local dog rescue, striving to make a positive impact in both her professional and personal pursuits.

A little bit about me:

Pets: Ohhh Kevin, my 70-pound yellow lab/German Shepherd lap dog. Kevin is a goofball, his preference is to be with you all the time, go to the lake to swim, or go for a hike, he takes up most of the bed & doesn’t stop snoring when you nudge him, he is very intelligent, and is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Superpower I wish I had: The strength, speed, or cuteness of any animal.

Secret nobody knows about me: I can’t have any piercings, you’ll never catch me wearing earrings. My body rejects them all.

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