Tye Lombardi

Senior Copywriter / Producer

Tye brings ideas to life. As a creative producer, Tye is responsible for overseeing the journey from initial concepts to the final production of video and audio, creating memorable brand experiences. From the initial stages of concepting to script writing, production planning, and even costume design and set decoration, Tye prefers to dive in and get her hands dirty, ensuring every detail is “just right.” Prior to joining CLM, Tye spent four years at sea as a Naval Electrical Engineer and then 15 years in Hollywood, wearing multiple hats as a WGA screenwriter, DGA Assistant Director, costume designer, and prop maker for television shows and feature films, including Grey’s Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy, Z-Nation, and more Sharknado sequels than you can shake a shark at. Having survived all that, she’s happy to be back home in Boise with friends and family, contributing her creative expertise to CLM’s diverse range of projects.

A little bit about me:

Secret nobody knows about me: If I tell you then it won’t be a secret any longer.

Superpower I wish I had: Ability to transform into any animal at any time.

Food I’d bring to a deserted island: Coke Zero, Goldfish crackers and teriyaki beef jerky.

Our Team

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