Vanessa Almaraz

Digital Media Specialist

Vanessa strikes the perfect balance between the science of data-driven decisions and the artistry of trendsetting. As a seasoned Digital Media Specialist with a BA in Business and Psychology from the College of Idaho, Vanessa brings a versatile skill set to navigate the digital landscape. Her expertise extends across overseeing both paid campaigns, organic social, and SEO initiatives. Driven by a love for data analytics, Vanessa excels in optimizing paid campaigns with precision, ensuring they deliver outstanding results. Simultaneously, her passion for social media trends fuels the creation of engaging content that resonates with audiences. This makes Vanessa an invaluable asset to our clients looking to elevate their digital presence on paid and owned channels.

A little bit about me:

Things that make me happy: I love fall, coffee, and my cat.

Hobbies: I play tennis, coach colorguard, and love to read.

Pets: I have a cat named Jonesy. He is a one-year-old tuxedo cat. His toxic trait is running up the cat tree and seeing how hard he can hit the floor.

Our Team

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